Chula had pupsicles! 3 boys and 3 girls on July 25, 2019. Sire is NFC, NAFC, AFC, DC Snake Breaks Saga v Reiteralm, CD, MH, RDX, SDX, VX3, FROM, HALL OF FAME. "SAGA" Mia makes Weimaraner history!!! First Amateur Field Champion/Grand Champion/Master Hunter Advanced! AFC/GCH Silberkinder Instant Attraction, MHA, RDX, VX


I don't breed very frequently, usually having a litter only every 2 years or so. This is because I put so much time and effort into proving the breeding worthiness of the dogs I plan to breed. All breeding stock are screened and/or OFA certified for hips, elbows, heart, thyroid, and eyes, as well as being working therapy dogs. All have proven their worth in conformation, agility, hunt tests, field trials, or other performance events. I am an evaluator for Therapy Dogs International and a past evaluator for the AKC's Canine Good Citizen program. I am also an AKC hunt test and field trial judge, so am uniquely qualified to assess both temperament and field ability.

Current Litter (AI by 19 Year Old Frozen Assets)

GCH Silberkinder Shake It Off JH, BCAT, NRD, V "Chula" (OFA Hips Excellent. Elbows, Heart, Eyes, Thyroid, HUU and HYPM normal. LHC negative)


NFC, NAFC, AFC, DC Snake Breaks Saga v Reiteralm, CD, MH, SDX, RDX, FROM, Hall of Fame "Saga" (OFA Good)

For more information on my current litter, call me at 727-439-2986