Chula had pupsicles! 3 boys and 3 girls on July 25, 2019. Sire is NFC, NAFC, AFC, DC Snake Breaks Saga v Reiteralm, CD, MH, RDX, SDX, VX3, FROM, HALL OF FAME. "SAGA" Mia makes Weimaraner history!!! First Amateur Field Champion/Grand Champion/Master Hunter Advanced! AFC/GCH Silberkinder Instant Attraction, MHA, RDX, VX

Our Story

Vague memories of a rescue Weim that stayed with us briefly in 1964 and a puppy that didn't live to be very old left me with a Weim shaped hole in my soul. When my kids had grown and I was in a position to be an at-home Mom to whatever breed of dog I wanted, the life-long yearning for a Weim was fulfilled through the purchase of Shatze in 1998. An injury ended Shatze's show career shortly after her first birthday, but gave us an opportunity to explore other dog activities. I learned a lot from Shatze during her all too brief life, and I continue to learn through her daughter, her son, her Granddaughter, her Great-Granddaughter, and her Great Great-Grandaughter who now share my home.